Friday, April 26, 2013

Home leave - Asia meets Europe

Yesterday I flew to Europe to spend a nice holiday with family and friends.
In total I will be here 7 weeks and I will be visiting 7 countries. Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Belgium and Portugal. Am I meeting you somewhere?

The thing about being a German-Portuguese couple, who was living before we moved to Japan in The Netherlands and in Belgium makes us already having to visit 4 countries, during our home leave.
My husband and I love Scandinavia, where we will be attending in Lund the wedding of our lovely friends Karin & Christian. And to get to Lund we have to fly to Copenhagen. Once there we couldn't miss the chance to visit this beautiful and inspiring city one more time, right?

Further I'm looking forward to see Vienna for the first time, to enjoy Lisbon and the Algarve as much as I can.
My holiday will end up in Antwerp, where i will be seeing Alicia Keys live on concert. This is definitely the cherry on top of my cake! Nice things to look forward to!

Images via Pinterest 

I guess being in Japan made me realize how lucky we are in Europe. Where every country is so close to each other with so many possibilities to visit them all.
If you want to see what we are doing here, follow my adventures @lendalia on Instagram.

Have a great day!


  1. Thank you so much! I had a great birthday, thank you:) I hope everything is fine with you and wish you a great weekend:)

    Jenny - Hemtrender

  2. I hope you are having the best of travels! So many exciting (and different) countries! Wow!

    1. I am! For six weeks now! Time just fly when you are having fun! Lots of inspiration and so many things to blog about! Tried to write something in the mean time but it didn't worked out! Will be back in business in two weeks ;-)! What about Paris right now? Did the summer arrived there yet? Bisous