Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lovisa Burfitt for RUM 21

Lovisa Burfitt has been since years one of my favourite illustrators.
Everyday I take my coffee in my Mademoiselle Oiseau cup, that she illustrated a few years ago for R√∂rstrand. I guess "Today I'm a bird"  the text printed inside of the cup reminds me, everyday that I'm free to be and do whatever I want! As long as it feels meaningful and coming from my heart… So thank you Lovisa Burfitt for my daily inspiration.
Yesterday a six new illustrations by Lovisa Burfitt for RUM21 have been released. Lovisa Burfitt always design limited editions so be aware that if you wait to long your favourite can be gone. They are all gorgeous and the two who catch my eye first were "Dark side of the moon poster" and "Nice 2013 poster". Am I still on time to ask one to dear Santa?

Styling by Pella Hedeby and pictures Kristofer Johansson

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