Thursday, August 21, 2014

Essential Eames by Herman Miller

Charles and Ray Eames are statement in the design world. Two of the most inspiring and creative designers I truly admire.
A year ago I was in Singapore and very lucky to be able to attend The Essential Eames by Herman Miller exposition in the  Art Science Museum, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. I've never got the chance to blog about it but I still wanted to share a bit of my impressions and some of the pictures I took. Such beautiful work they left behind. 

RAR rock chair

DKR wired chair

House of cards

My love for Eames products started when i felt in love for the RAR rock chair but until now I didn't found the house or the perfect corner to place it. 
When we, two years ago moved to Japan for a two year assignment I grab my chance and a week before we left I order two DAW chairs at Designerchairs24.
They arrived just two days before our flight, so we carried them with us and by plane from Amsterdam to Japan. I always have to laugh when I think about this story. I have to say they were the first furniture items we got in our new apartment. At least we could seat *smile*. 
Now we just moved back to Europe and this time to Stockholm. We are living even a bit smaller than in Japan (how is that possible?! Yes it is) so during the first year we won't be able to have our DAW
 chairs here so I've been thinking about buying two DSW chairs.

While pondering I saw that Designerchairs24 were offering two DSW chairs to bloggers who would write a post on Eames.  So here it is.
Sometimes you don't have to say much, because images already say enough, right? As Charles Eames once said: "Yes. But did you get pictures?"

Our dining room in Japan

Images: ByLendaLia

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