Sunday, November 23, 2014

Artelleriegatan 26A

One thing some real estate companies do quiet well is the way they present the houses they are selling.  Often they make sure to hire an interior designer that goes through the properties whom restyle and make them look a bit more stunning. Theres also some cases when the previous owner had already hired someone or decorated the place by themselves. In any case any of the properties that come into my attention just look amazing. And this beautiful 68 m² apartment whom lays just a street away from where I live is not an exception. 
This beauty is on sale right now and if you want to see more than only pictures you can go to the open house viewing this week. Take a look at Alexander White for more info about it. 
What does it make it so special? The contrast from the white floors with the dark walls, the great mix of colours, the aesthetic decoration, the atmosphere and coziness that this apartment breathes. 

Images via Alexander White

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