Monday, November 5, 2012

Tokyo Designers Week

Last week i went to Tokyo Designers Week.
This are my favorites:



Hiroshi Akutsu & Eiri Iwakura

Toshiyuki Kita
 The water hyacinth, which grows quickly so as to invade lakes and rivers imidiately, is a waterweed nowadays perceived as a pollution.Toshiyuki Kita was inspired by this new material and designed furnishings with a Thai manufacture.

Noriko Hashida

Tadao Shimizu
 A new series of lighting fixture comprised of table side lamps, floor stand lamps, pendant lamps based on three types of lamp shade in formed Japanese paper with LED.

Naoya Kokado & Orika Morishita
 Perhe is a rocking sofa designed to bring families closer together. The three seats can either be rocked independently or together, with handles in the smallest seat joining each other.

Tobias Jacobsen
© Fotos bylendalia

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