Sunday, November 4, 2012

From Japan with love

I've been in love with Scandinavian design since a few years now. I've always liked to decorate and change constantly my interior at home. I also helped friends and family decorating theirs.
Since 2008 i held Lovemoments where I posted and reblogged everything I liked. Since i moved to Japan last September, I've been wanting to combine both styles.
Scandinavia meets Asia. This is how Scandinasian by Lendalia has born. I hope you enjoy!!!!

I took this pictures last month in Tokyo when i visited this exposition at the Swedish embassy in Tokyo.

The exhibition is characterized by the unique collaboration between family members. The light and patterns combinations, the dalarna horses and the kokeshi dolls make it very Scandinasian. If u want to read more about this exposition and about Stina, Anna and Pompe
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 Little Pink & Brokiga” started in 2007 and has been growning since.


Some beautiful work from Stina Wirsén portfolio


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