Monday, August 19, 2013

Indigo hotel Shanghai on the Bund

I've been on my longest holiday ever! First seven weeks in Europe and now already for several weeks traveling in Southeast Asia. The thing is that i will continue doing this untill the end of September so at some point I will have to restart posting somethings on the blog!
In the beginning i thought i could write here once in a while but so far it didn't work out. The holiday has been a bless, I've been collecting so many experiences and so nice pictures from wonderful places, first from Europe and now from Asia, that it would be just a crime to not share with you. So I will try to post some pictures of those nice places on a regular basis.
Today I will  give you a peak of the beautiful boutique hotel I stayed at in Shanghai in July.
Beside the beautiful rooms and all the luxe that the Indigo hotel Shanghai
breaths, you will get one of the most amazing views over the Huangpu river. You can do this from your room or from the beautiful  Char bar (skybar) on the 30st floor of the same building. Enjoy the tour!


Curious, want to see how Char bar look like or want to know more about the story behind this beautiful hotel? Click Here
Have a great Monday!

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