Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Greatest Candle in the World - DIY

DIY of the week - Candles made out of used cooking oil

How often do we throw some used kitchen oil away?And how often do we know how this oil is gonna be treated afterwards? We all know about the impact - that used cooking - oil has on the environment right?

The Portuguese Mario Silva came up with the idea of creating candles from used oil, while he was working as a strategic planner on a multinational manufacturer of cooking oils. His purpose was to inspire people by using something they would waste, into something they could enjoy a bit longer and if this would help the environment than his goal had been definitely achieved.
So why don't we give it a try?
Found how to do this candles on the video below.

video via Youtube
Beside the used cooking oil you will need some candle powder that you can buy Here. Follow the instructions in the video and voilá! Your candle is done within 2 minutes. And you will have 30 hours of candle lightning pleasure.
If you don't feel like doing it yourself  and you want to help the environment anyway you can also buy them Here. Wishing you a great weekend!
Images via Standartwall

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