Monday, January 20, 2014

Love at the first sight!

A few years ago I visited Sweden for the first time and I felt in love! I mean I truly, madly, deeply, felt in love with the city, the language, the people, the smell, the water, the parks, the design, the creativity, the food and so on... Since then I've come back every year and I've been dreaming of living there. Now that I know, that this is gonna happen in the near future I'm dreaming of a beautiful apartment. And this one would be just perfect. The only minus is that this apartment is situated in Gothenburg and I'm moving to Stockholm. But ohhhh what a beauty. I just love everything!!

Great how the natural sunlight falls inside. 

Love the high ceiling,

the long and bright kitchen,

 the white floor

and everything else.

Can you feel the Spring in this balcony, calling and saying that it's again time to let him in?

In one woord - Gorgeous! Looking forward to move to Sweden and hopefully I will find some place like this. Fingers crossed!!!!!!
Have a great monday!


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