Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Calmtree bungalows - Bali

The Calmtree bungalows is one of those places that you would like to keep only for yourself. But as I believe true happiness should be shared, I will guide you today through the beautiful place I stayed at last July.
 It is opened since March this year and Gede, the owner, has made from his bungalows one of the most cozy, peaceful and relaxed places I visited this summer.
It is situated in the Canggu beach in Bali, in a real surfers paradise. Canggu and Echo beach are just a few minutes away.

The rustic in balinese style designed bungalows offer everything you need. The room is simple and charming. The bed is comfortable and you will find everything you need for a good night rest, after a day surfing or discovering the island. 
The mosquito net and repellent that are provided in every room will keep the mosquitos away (at least it worked really good for us). The shower is outside, what at the first sight may look a bit strange, but this is Bali, so isn't supposed to be like that? And if you ask me showering under the moon is definitely something special. The  garden is beautiful and well kept, and the swimming pool is just a bless for early and late swims. Just what you need in between your activities. 
Every bungalow has their own veranda and i loved the fact that they even thought about putting some electricity plugs outside. In case you would like to work or charge your devices while laying in the great blue benches.  Not only a great and affordable holiday accommodation but also an amazing outdoors office! Just what you need, right?

Fotos:By Lendalia

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